Thursday, December 1, 2011

Free Software Activists to take on Google with their free search engine?

Free software activists have released a P2P search engine to take on Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

The P2P search engine, YaCy  uses a different concept. Instead of using a central server , its search results come from a network of independent peers [ Users who downloaded the YaCy software ] .

This project is supported by FSFE [ Free Software Foundation Europe ], which is concerned that dominant search engines have too much power and control over the information that users find online.

Everyone can access and try out YaCy at Users can become part of the Yacy network by installing the software on their computer. It is currently available for GNU/Linux, Windows, MacOS.

To try out YaCy :

1.Go to the right side of the website you should find "YaCy 1.0 for Windows", click it. [ Its a 21MB file ]
3.Run it.
4.Click "Next".
5.Click "I Agree".
6.Click "Next".
7.Choose the directory where YaCy should be installed and Click "Install".
8.Its should take a few seconds.
9.Finally Click "Finish".
10.Go to you desktop and click on the "YaCy" Icon.
11.Open your Web Browser and open the url "

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