Sunday, September 9, 2012

CM 9 for HTC Explorer

The wait is over!! ICS for HTC Explorer A.K.A Pico!!! :D

We've got CM7 a while ago.... But as you might have known it's not totally functional...

What was not working you ask? The camera! [ Not that the 3MP Camera makes a difference :P ] and it also had issues while streaming videos, when streaming the phone would just reboot for no reason this happens every single time without any reason...

You could use VLC and fix this issue... Although I don't know of any method to get the YouTube application to work [ It doesn't work either ].

Well, The solution? We got CM9!! and Evervolv as well.... Both the ROMs have one major bug left to be fixed, The Video recorder! Apart from the everything works! That includes the camera too! You can download the ROMs from here : CM9 [ Build#5 ], Evervolv[ Build#2 ] .

What Works [ CM9 and Evervolv ]

About Phone...

- Audio
- FM Radio(Use Spirit FM from Play Store)
- Hardware Acceleration
- Bluetooth
- Wifi
- Video
- Camera(Taking Pictures)
- USB Tethering(3rd party app WORKS)
- Voice Search(It was a bug ! )
- HQ Videos(Use 3rd party apps like MX Player)

What Doesnt Work  [ CM9 and Evervolv ]
- Video Recording(3rd party app may work)

Note - Jelly Bean is also available for our HTC Explorer A.K.A Pico but it's not usable at all! Anyways, Here is the thread. Here is the initial build of JB. Hopefully it's stable soon! Can't wait for JB on my HTC!! :D

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