Sunday, August 5, 2012

Unofficial CyanogenMod 7 for HTC Explorer

Thanks to sakindia123, lirokoaderefasLiVeRpOoL-FaNrom2maru and a few others who have all worked hard to port CyanogenMod 7 to our HTC Explorer/Pico. We now finally have a usable, stable, and extremely smooth CM7 that can run on our devices. However, This is still an alpha build according to sakindia123's post. There are still somethings that don't work.

Whats Working-
- WiFi
- Hardware acceleration
- Gps // derefas
- Audio // lirokoa
- Usb Mass Storage
- Bluetooth // lirokoa
- USB Tethering
- Fm Radio

What Doesnt work-
- Camera
- Phone sometimes reboots when playing videos(Kindly use 3rd party apps)

WiFi, GPS, FM, USB seem to work fine...

Bluetooth and camera don't seem to work and the Phone seems to reboot every time a video is played using the default android video player/streamer. However you can install a 3rd party application to counter this problem. I personally use VLC. Its plays most of the videos and streams most of them too! but it can take a minute to start streaming :(
I haven't tried the other players. You cannot download the YouTube application from the Play Store as well and if even if you manage to install it using the apk from the stock rom or from the internet, the phone keeps restarting whenever a video is played :(
Build#2 had a issue with audio while on a call... People on the other end would get a chorus, split voice... but that issue has been fixed in Build#3. Hopefully Build#4 fixes the camera and the Bluetooth issue, I can live the video player issue ;)

Google applications such as GMail, YouTube, etc are not pre-installed but you can install them using this link
Just go to CWM and install the zip file and should get all the Google applications other than YouTube. But that doesn't matter as YouTube doesn't work...

Moreover, It is still not stable enough for daily use but if these small bugs don't bother you then go on and use it... Personally, I've been using it for a day now and it seems to work perfectly fine... :)


Gapps(Google Apps)-

Build#1(By derefas)-

Build#2(By lirokoa-AUDIO WORKING!) -

Build#3(By lirokoa-Incall Audio fix,cleaner)-

Build#4(By lirokoa- AOSP keyboard fixed,USB tethering fixed,Bluetooth Fixed)- [LATEST BUILD]

*Here is the official thread -
*Here is the official repo -

Screenshots of HTC Explorer A.K.A Pico running CyanogenMod 7 :

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  1. CyanogenMod 7 for htc explorer such a great news.

    can't wait for official release date.